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Mayhem Miller in better times

By Steve Hartke, AMAM

MMA star Jason "Mayhem" Miller was arrested on charges of Vandalism

In connection to his 2012 arrest, the California District Attorney has charged former Strikeforce and UFC middleweight Jason "Mayhem" Miller (Born Dec. 24, 1980) with one count of Misdemeanor for Vandalism and suspicion of Burglary. He was also forced to undergo a mental evaluation.

Miller's arraignment is set for Nov. 21St in the Orange County Superior Court. If formally convicted, 31 year-old Miller could then face up to one year in jail, followed by possible Probation.

Jason 'Mayhem' Miller

Arrested on Aug. 13th at the Mission Hills Church in Mission Viejo, it is specifically alleged that Miller "did maliciously and unlawfully deface with graffiti and other inscribed material, damage, and destroy church property in the amount of more than $400."

The former host of MTV's "Bully Beatdown" is accused of spraying a fire extinguisher on the first and second floor of the church, scattering books, even breaking windows and pictures.

Jason 'Mayhem' Miller

When police arrived, they reported Miller was found naked while casually reclining on a church couch. Police also indicated that the veteran MMA fighter and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt seemed to be coherent upon arrest. He offered no physical resistance to the officers who apprehended him at the crime scene.

Two days before his arrest, Miller and UFC President Dana White exchanged harsh comments on Twitter, where White begged Miller to retire and Mayhem begged White to kill himself.

Mayhem was released by the Zuffa (UFC) organization in 2012 shortly after a lackluster loss to C.B. Dollaway in UFC-146. Before that bout, Miller publically pledged to retire if he did not win the fight. Subsequently, he promptly announced his retirement from MMA.

Jason 'Mayhem' Miller

"Yeah, I said I would [retire] and so I am. I didn't get the job done and that's what I'm saying. I'm done for right now. Who knows what the future holds but at the same time, what's the point? I feel a little bit free in a weird way...like in the strangest way I feel free. I dunno, I feel like life is unlocked for a whole new set of adventures. I can focus on making myself happy."

In his MMA career, Miller's crowd-pleasing fighting style has won over many fans by delivering the goods in numerous promotions, yet he's also suffered losses in the Octagon against noteworthy opponents like Jake Shields, Frank Trigg, Chael Sonnen, Georges St-Pierre and Michael Bisping.

Jason 'Mayhem' Miller

Throughout a majority of the episodes that Jason "Mayhem" Miller appeared as a coach on Spike TV's "The Ultimate Fighter" (TUF) season 14, he continually boasted that he was going to completely dominate Britain's Michael Bisping on the Finale. However, in what UFC President Dana White said was "the most lop-sided fight" he'd ever seen, it was Bisping who easily won their encounter in the Octagon that night in Las Vegas.

Here's what Miller had to say post his ultimate beat-down from Michael Bisping: "It felt weird walking out there. I didn't feel like my normal self, and it really showed. I couldn't get relaxed, couldn't perform to my potential. And I'm not taking anything from Bisping, but it was definitely not my best performance.

Jason 'Mayhem' Miller

I didn't think that that layoff would do anything to me. But man, it was apparent that it did. I kind of freaked out in there. I've got to admit it. I usually sit down on the [stool] and get a burst of energy back. But man, I sat down and I was sucking wind. I didn't feel like myself. I was like, man, what's going on with me here? I just couldn't get back refocused.

In the training room, I did it just fine. But inside the Octagon, I didn't come back like I do. I was going, where am I? Usually, by the end of the 60 seconds I'm recharged. I wasn't recharged at all. I was more tired than when I sat down."

Jason 'Mayhem' Miller

Outside of MMA, Miller's tried his hand as an actor, a comedian, a writer, a game show contestant. He's appeared in music videos, has been featured in video games, and he's been a TV and radio host ... where his sometimes outrageous antics have usually served him fairly well.

Considered a rather colorful personality, Jason has been in and out of the big name MMA spotlight for quite some time now. Although, he has a majority of wins on his record, Miller no longer fights in the "big show" (UFC) despite his stats. However, Jason "Mayhem" Miller still remains a popular figure of the sport and is still well-liked by his many fans.

In August 2013, Jason “Mayhem” Miller was again arrested for alleged domestic violence and stood awaiting trial. Reportedly, this is now the second time has been arrested on similar charges.

Supposedly now retired from MMA competitions, Mayhem seems to have completely fallen from grace in the eyes of many of his former fans.

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