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Dave Brock really gave a heartfelt apology to everyone! He promised all those on hand that he planned to reschedule the big show in Costa Mesa and come back again with a TKO for all the fans who were turned away that evening!

It was an emotional evening for first time fight promoter and veteran Karate champion Dave Brock along with his associates and his crew on a recent Saturday evening in Costa Mesa, California, when a last minute ruling by city officials shut down a scheduled martial arts event at the front doors on the very hour it was set to begin.

After hours of back and forth delays between promoters and the official Costa Mesa representatives on hand, many evening-chilled fans, who’d stood by outside for over an hour, awaiting entrance, finally had to be turned away as police fed tightly into Grace Circle, where many parked their cars for the show. Thousands of spectators were refused admittance at the door of this already earlier rescheduled event, which was previously billed as the “St. Valentine’s Massacre”, mainly because of a certain criteria that Mr. Brock claimed the city did not clearly stipulate on any of the approved paperwork prior to the evening of the big show.

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He was told then that he was supposed to of specifically arranged to have a certified City of Costa Mesa paramedic on site in case of an emergency medical situation. None were available the day of the event. No agreement could be met between all parties so the show could not go on as planned without the promoter’s risk of losing their licenses and even being fined.

There were even some familiar martial arts superstars that were on hand ready to do appearances on camera, which had to be postponed.

Many in the remaining crowd, which stood by for some of the unevenly matched demonstration bouts during the aftermath of the proposed event’s massacre, all seemed to highly sympathize with Dave Brock’s open emotions as he bravely addressed an already excited crowd.

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