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The Golden Voice of Bruce Buffer

Bruce Buffer - voice of the Octagon


Bruce “Voice of the UFC Octagon” Buffer is a real genuinely sincere type of guy. I always find him to be easily approachable and friendly to all. His naturally silky-smooth speaking voice is quite a contrast compared to his famous booming operatic tambour, which is his trademark that always seems to completely blanket the expansive MMA arena’s where his alter-ego calls home.

Bruce, an avid fight fan, is not only a famed announcer for the high-profile Ultimate Fighting Championships, but is also a seasoned martial artist himself. He’s been into fitness and involved in the “fight-game”, both in and out of the ring, since he was a kid. Not many watching him live or on television, wearing those slick and expensive suits, realize how buffed Buffer’s biceps actually are!

Bruce is part of a successful family legacy of fight announcers, which originally began with his senior; the legendary Michael Buffer whom has been the instantly identifiable voice of Boxing for decades and Bruce has become a huge name in MMA. It seems that Buffer Enterprises, Inc. has covered every corner in the fight-game. However, their family business goes beyond the cage and ring with additional successful business endeavors, such as their online www.rumblepoker.net and other established money-makers at www.letsrumble.com and www.bufferzone.net. It comes as no surprise considering Bruce appears to posses quite a high I.Q.

~AMAM Interview with Bruce Buffer~

Bruce Buffer - voice of the Octagon

AMAM: How old were you when you were first introduced to Boxing & Martial Arts?

Buffer: My Dad was a US Marine drill instructor, veteran of two wars and introduced me to fighting at an early age. I first trained in Judo at 12 and achieved a green belt, then Tang Soo Do at 16, in which I have a black belt. I decided to fight for real and entered the world of kickboxing and Muay Thai in my twenties.

AMAM: Describe a bit about your youth, were you ever forced into any schoolyard brawls?

Buffer: Schoolyard, street, parties and being a surfer growing up in Malibu, I had my fair share of brawls. I can honestly say I never started a fight but would never back down either. I also came to the rescue of those that were being bullied, because I hate bullies.

AMAM: The last time we spoke you were planning a skydive; are you generally a risk taker?

Buffer:Yes, but much less as I get older with all the responsibility I have to my family and loved ones. But that invitation from the ARMY is one I can’t turn down. I’ve surfed some pretty hairy surf but have calmed down there a bit also, although it’s my favorite sport of any I’ve ever done.

AMAM: When did you first identify and begin developing your signature “Announcer’s” voice?

Buffer: It all started when I announced my first professional fight. I don’t rehearse or practice, I just enter the Octagon, ring or wherever I’ve announced over the last 15 years and just do it.

AMAM: How much of the Buffer’s vocal talents do you feel may actually be genetic, how much learned or developed?

Buffer: My father, who just passed away last May, had a great set of pipes and my brother Michael and I feel he had the best voice of all of us, so a lot has to do with genetics. Then it’s all about developing your own style and maturing from that point on.

AMAM: Do you foresee any Buffer heirs taking over the family mantle of announcers someday in the future?

Buffer: You never know. My three and a half year old Godson loves to take a microphone and ask everyone to watch as he says “Ladies and Gentlemen… It’s Time to Begin… the Ultimate Fighting Championship…” So maybe, but I still have many good years left in the Octagon. I’ll still save my tuxedos for him just in case he gets the call of duty in the future.

AMAM: Like a singer does, you must treat your vocal chords with extreme care, ever had too sore of a throat to perform?

Bruce Buffer - voice of the Octagon

Buffer: Yes I do as best as possible. I’ve performed with a 102 degree temperature and dehydrated to the point that my legs were weak and the paramedics wanted to send me to the hospital but I refused until the show was over. Plus your basic colds, sore throats and ear infections, but the show must go on and I never want to miss a show. But remember, I’m not fighting, I’m announcing.

AMAM: Who are your current top three favorite UFC fighters? Whose fights do you most look forward to right now?

Buffer: I have many and three of them are BJ Penn, Anderson Silva and George St. Pierre. I am really looking forward to announcing and watching Rampage Jackson fighting Forrest Griffin at UFC 86.

AMAM: Tell us about your latest business endeavors.

Buffer: I am always working on various endeavors along with managing my brother Michael’s career and also my own. We will be releasing our third “Ready to Rumble” video game on the Nintendo WII system in spring 2009. I’m also developing the “Rumble Bar” restaurant franchise and “Ready to Rumble” slot machines for casinos. RumblePoker.com is up and running. I love poker and am a semi-pro plus I’ playing again this year in the World Series of Poker main event the day after UFC 86 in Vegas, so wish me luck!

Bruce Buffer - voice of the Octagon

I’m basically a 24/7 work-a-holic, but only pursue what I have passion for, which is why I love the UFC and am exclusive to them in the MMA world. I don’t want to work for anyone other than Dana White and the Fertitta brothers in MMA.

AMAM: Would you ever be on “Dancing with the Stars”?

Buffer: (Laughs) If they call, I’m there. I think I’d make a good showing and have always loved dancing plus I’ll probably fall in love with my female partner and finally walk down the aisle of love forever, but that wouldn’t be so bad, considering how hot they are. (Laughing again)

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