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Hye-Expectations with Gokor "the Armenian Assassin" Chivichyan

Gokor "the Armenian Assassin" Chivichyan

Interview by Debra Hartsell, JFJKDGA

Simply said, Gokor Chivichyan, born 1963 in Yerevan, Armenia, is a true martial arts anomaly.

Gokor's impressive arsenal seems endless, his unmatched ability has been proven by his undefeated fight-record of 405-0. He holds numerous championship titles in many categories.

He is an esteemed member of the Martial Arts Hall-of-Fame, and a cutting-edge leader in his field of expertise (Submission-Grappling), mainly consisting of a unique blend of Russian Sambo, Judo, Wrestling and Jiujitsu. He is the owner of the renowned Hayastan Mixed-Martial Arts Academy in North Hollywood, California; where he produces many top MMA fighters.

Martial artists from around the world, especially professional MMA fighters, often refer to Gokor as the best of the best...learn more by reading this exclusive AMAM interview.

Custodian to a Legacy

Paul S. Lewis - founder of AMAM-MAGAZINE

Interview by Richard Bennett, AMAM

Sifu Paul S. Lewis, Founder of AMAM-MAGAZINE.COM, is a 2nd Generation Full Jeet Kune Do Instructor, Certified by the great American martial arts icon Larry Hartsell and is a continually devoted student of "Judo" Gene LeBell & Gokor Chivichyan.

"I would never have gotten this far if it were not for the generosity of my trainers and supporters…I might still be lost within a myriad of mostly useless information without a tangible sense of clear direction, still struggling to find the absolute “Truth” in my own martial arts training and personal direction? I wish to thank you all so very much for all you have done for me!"

“It seems to me, the path towards developing true individuality is often found by becoming more in sync with the truth about oneself.”

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