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Hello, Shooto Nakamura with AMAM Founcer Paul Swaim Paul Swaim, AMAM -
Shoot Wrestling is a popular martial art and combative sport in Japan founded by Satoru Sayama and brought to the United States by former Shoot Wrestling Champion and highest-ranking instructor under Sayama, “Shootist” Yorinaga Nakamura

The following article gives a brief introduction to the world of shooto and shootwrestling.

Mexico’s Cage of Fire! Paul Swaim, AMAM -
Tijuana, Mexico: It was a hot afternoon outside the Baby Rock nightclub where a few hundred people lined up outside to get a glimpse of who is going to be on the Fight-Card for the highly anticipated evening of action. My gym associates and I were all down there South of the Border to support our fighter ...

The Invincible Fists of Fury Paul Swaim, AMAM -
Fight event held in upland by the world famous "Shark Tank" fighting gym led by Eddie Millis, good stuff!!!

Making Martial Arts Music Paul Swaim, AMAM -
In this article AMAM founder Paul Swaim discusses some of the many similarities which exist between music and Martial Arts, even if you have made the connection before this article might be interesting to you.

WFA King of the Streets Paul Swaim, AMAM -
The WFA Media Day took place at the new Legends MMA Training Gym in Los Angeles, Ca. Legends, operated by noteworthy MMA champions Bas Rutten and Randy Couture, and was filled with a variety of respected martial artists and sports reporters who were polite, yet anxious, for the opportunity to pre-interview some of the fighter’s in a comfortable environment prior to the premier WFA King of the Streets MMA event, scheduled to take place the following Saturday at the famous Los Angeles Forum.

South Coast Martial Arts Massacre Paul Swaim, AMAM -
Dave Brock really gave a heartfelt apology to everyone! He promised all those on hand that he planned to reschedule the big show in Costa Mesa and come back again with a TKO for all the fans who were turned away that evening!

Kung Food Poisoning: Revenge of the Sushi! salmonella germ article by Sensei Ricardo Vera-
One man's struggle with raw fish is revealed in this warning about the dangers of the uncooked orient!!!

Downtown Dilemma No Image Paul Swaim, AMAM -
The story of a fighters battle with City Hall to get his business back on track. Interesting to see how politics and martial arts don't mix.

Passion of the Fist. No Image Paul Swaim, AMAM -
A detailed exploration of the "psyche" of the modern martial artist and the evolutionary path we have taken from the sixties on until now in the world of martial arts. Overall a good read.

White Noise Dirty White Noise Paul Swaim, AMAM -
If you are a martial artist and have ever lost your composure or maybe you are currently not on your "A"-game, this is the article for you to read.

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